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To leave a tangible footprint of justice and

mercy — to and through — local charities and global humanitarian aid projects utilizing music that elevates and glorifies God.


Working with gifted musicians from both secular and sacred backgrounds, Music on a Mission serves to provide excellent experience impact the world. Quarterly benefit concerts (in Ravenscroft Hall), Monthly Jazz concerts (Jazz for the Soul), and other community outreach events fuse music, tangible resources, and faith, with humanitarian efforts around the globe.

What Are the Tangibles?

Music on a Mission delivers more than funds to charitable organizations. We've delivered resources - providing cribs and clothing, building supplies and appliances, food and medicine, hospital equipment and soup kitchen accessories. We've even helped to build a new church, and a special family waiting room in the children's wing of a hospital! 

Every Dollar Counts

100% of financial gifts and all proceeds from special events are directed into tangible resources as well as funding for vetted charities, and organizations we support. Yes! Every Dollar Counts. 

Organizations and Outreaches Impacted


Vitebsk Emergency Hospit (Belarus)

Ushachi Hospital (Belarus)

Sasha's Soup Kitchen (Belarus)

Learn more about these.

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